Golf Cart Float Entry

Rules & Regs

Golf Cart Float Application

Parade Release, Waiver & Hold Harmless

Cart Entry – Procedure, Criteria and Etiquette


NOTE: You do NOT have to have every Crew Member sign the Parade Release, Waiver & Hold Harmless until right BEFORE the Parade actually starts. We know that Crew Membership may change before the Parade. Before the Parade rolls, however, every Crew Member must sign or have signed the Parade Release, Waiver & Hold Harmless. ZDD Staff will have copies at the Line-up Areas to gather missing signatures.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty finding enough Crew Members to “spot” then PLEASE let us know ASAP so we can coordinate volunteers for you.

NOTE: Although the Parade is at night, you do not have to have lights on your outfits (Cart lights are required) as there are plenty of street lights; so, you’ll be seen and can see.


2016 Fondren Zippity Doo Dah® Parade

  1. Please print all of the pages of the: (1) Four page form—Cart Entry Procedure, Cart Criteria & Etiquette, and Cart Design Sketch and Description, and the (2) Parade Release, Waiver & Hold Harmless.
  2. READ all of the above. CART FEE: $75 for the first 20 people (including Driver, 4 Spotters, and up to 15 additional Riders/Walkers) AND $5 per person over 20. Minimum Crew is five: 1 Driver and 4 Spotters. (SEE Note above.)
  3. Complete all of the above and sign/date them. Be sure to include BOTH your snail mail and email addresses, along with your primary contact phone number.
  4. Make your check or money order for the appropriate amount PAYABLE to Zippity Doo Dah® Parade.
  5. Mail all of the forms and the check to: BancorpSouth Zippity Doo Dah® Parade c/o Colby Dearman, 3100 North State Street, Suite 200, Jackson, MS 39216
  6. For questions email Colby:

If you need to rent a golf cart, the below are some folks who are Very Queen Friendly and we love them!

Gulf States Golf Carts: 601-853-1510 (Ask for Sid)
Ben Nelson Golf Carts: 601-664-7117